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Bashford Construction

Stephen B. Morris 
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer 

November 10, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a great pleasure to write a letter of reference for Tom Gallego and Bashford Construction Co. Tom rebuilt our home in Katonah two years ago. This was the 5th major renovation my wife and I have done over the years. It is the only one that was a totally positive experience. It was completed on time and with extraordinary attention to quality and detail throughout the process.

When there were problems that came up, Tom was there to find a solution. For example, we asked him to retrofit a temperature control system for our wine cellar. He did a great deal of research and came up with a system that was able to keep the cellar at a temperature that responded to the temperature of wine in a bottle. It has worked perfectly.

One of Tom's greatest strengths is his perfectionism. On several occasions he called our architect to ask him to come to the site to reconsider something in the plans in the light of something that seemed a bit off. Tom didn't mind doing extra work to make the job perfect. In fact, I doubt that he could have stood the prospect of leaving a job that was not completed to his very high standards. For example, recently, the man who installed our thermostats throughout the house was doing a seasonal check of the air handlers. He told my wife the story of installing the first thermostat and having Tom tell him that he would have to redo it because it was not centered over the light switch below. There is no level of detail that is too small for Tom's eagle eye.

In addition, Tom has a crew of skilled and courteous professionals who work for him. His subs have been very reliable and have always been available to answer any questions or respond to problems in the year plus that we have been back in the house.

All in all, we got a much more beautiful, well built home than we had expected. We are delighted with it and would look forward to another opportunity to work with Tom on a project.


Stephen B. Morris


Robin & Richard Baum

October 25, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter of recommendation is being written on behalf of Tom Gallego, President and Founder of Bashford Construction Co, Inc.

Our professional relationship with Tom began in 2000 when we hired his company to do a full-scale renovation of our home in Scarsdale which required us to move out for ten months. Tom came highly recommended through a number of sources, and was also fully vetted by our architect. We engaged his company without reservation and were not disappointed.

Tom is a unique breed of general contractor / construction manager who views each project as a personal reflection of himself. The quality of his workmanship is only surpassed by his steadfast work ethic and unimpeachable professionalism. Additionally, he is incredibly well organized, detail-oriented, cost-sensitive, reliable and always accessible. He is dedicated to his clients and treats his employees as family.

From day one, Tom established an excellent working relationship with our architect, which proved to be an essential factor in the success of the project. Tom was on-site daily providing direct oversight of his employees and coordination of the large number of sub-contractors involved in the project. In addition to being outstanding tradesmen, Tom's carpenters are some of the nicest people you would ever want to have in your home. His sub-contractors were of the same professional and personal high caliber as Tom. Tom has worked with these people for years and has developed an excellent relationship with each of them. These close relationships translate into a shared commitment to a finished product that reflects the highest of standards. It was a pleasure to work with each member of his team.

In 2003, we made the decision to take advantage of an opportunity to purchase a different home in our neighborhood situated on a unique piece of property. We again engaged Tom to complete a two-part renovation of this house phased over eighteen months. This renovation was similar in scale to our original project, but this time we elected to remain in the house during the construction. It is testimony to Tom and his team that even when living through the construction, our experience the second time around was equally as positive, and the finished product was equally outstanding. Over the course of both projects, there was not one single point of disagreement. In fact at the end of both projects we hosted a luncheon for Tom and his entire crew to thank them for their efforts.

We wholeheartedly recommend Tom and his company to anyone who is looking for a contractor who provides impeccable workmanship, unsurpassed customer service and a quality finished product. He is the consummate professional, not to mention a great guy!

Robin & Richard Baum


David Swope 
Attorney At Law

To Whom It May Concern:

Bashford Construction did a major renovation at my home a few years ago. They have done other work here as well. They are a pleasure to work with. Their work is excellent, they are on time, they keep additional expenses to a minimum, they communicate very well and they suggest improvement as the job progresses.

Tom Gallego has a dedicated, experienced and loyal crew who work well together and who are a pleasure to have working in a house where you may be living.


David Swope


Paul Landesman Architects

October 20, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

My Clients and I have great experiences on projects with Bashford Construction. The crew and sub-contractors are informed, conscientious and professional. Their level of experience and varied abilities are an asset to all projects, allowing the client some flexibility while maintaining a schedule.

Bashford consistently provides excellent project arrangement. Clear, timely communication from Bashford and direct access to Tom for clients and other professionals on a project has been my experience. This high level of service is brought by Bashford to every project.

Please contact me to discuss further the advantages of having the expertise and enthusiasm Bashford Construction offers on your project.


Paul Landesman



November 8, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

This will serve as a letter of recommendation for Tom Gallego, President of Bashford Construction Co, Inc. of Yonkers, New York.

Kent Pruzan Interiors is a full service design firm, in business for more than thirty five years. I have known and worked closely with Tom and his excellent team for the past four years on construction projects of varying sizes. In the time I have been in business, I have never worked with someone who has exhibited the level of professionalism that Tom Gallego has shown. It is for his ability to ensure the timely completion of each of the four projects we have worked on together, the coordination with each subcontractor involved and the unmatched skill level and knowledge he brings to a job that I recommend him, without reservation. After bringing many years of experience to my own clients, Tom is the only contractor that I now choose to work with and recommend to them as being able to deliver an unmatched level of craftsmanship, management and communication for their projects.

Please feel free to call me for any information you may need.


Kent Pruzan, President 
Kent Pruzan Interiors, LLC


To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Tom Gallego who owns and operates Bashford Construction Company as general contractor for extensive expansion and renovation of our home. Most importaintly the project was completed on time and on budget in 2007 despite encountering the normal surprises faced in construction. Tom was personally on the job supervising his men and watching carefully over the sub-contractors involved. The majority of Tom's employees and subcontractors have worked with him for a number of years. They work well together and gave us a completed projects that met our hopes and expectations.

The unique qualities that Tom brought to the job assured a superior result. Because Tom was on the scene he was often able to anticipate problems before they occurred. His nature is such that he was able to work cooperatively with the architect, decorator and sub-contractors as well as the client (us) to develop solutions to issues that arose and then choose the best course of action and then see that the plan was implemented.

He often worked Monday morning through Saturday and was always accessible for calls and always returned the call. The creative energy he brought to the construction effort surely served to enhance the final result. Tom is someone you can count on and we have remained friends well after the completion of the project.

We would be pleased to provide further reference information on request.

Fred Taylor


Lois Rosenthal

To Whom It May Be Concerned:

I am writing this note as a referral for Tom Gallego of Bashford Construction.

Ten years ago Tom and his crew built a home for me in Scarborough N.Y. He was recommended by my architect, Keith Kroeger and Associates, and I must say, from beginning to end, it was a painless process and the result was more than I had hoped for.

Tom and his crew of professionals were polite, enjoyed the project, responsible and most important... timely! From beginning to end the project took one year... ahead of schedule!!!!!!!

What I was warned might be a nightmare, turned out to be an actual pleasure. I have no problem encouraging anyone to use his experience as a contractor and trust he and his crew to deliver a first class job, headache free.

Very Truly Yours,

Lois Rosenthal

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