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Mission Statement

BASHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. has been creating beautiful high-end custom homes for over thirty years. We have focused on redefining superb craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail and creating a synergy with our subcontractors.

BASHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. takes pride in providing the highest standards in residential construction. Our awareness and attitude toward every aspect of the project has resulted in dream homes as well as long-time relationships with our clients.

BASHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. takes a thoughtful approach to the design process, and is available to shape a budget early on or to assess potential home purchases.

BASHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. inspires fierce loyalty not only from clients and design Professionals but from everyone who works in the company as well. This creative energy brought forth to the construction effort surely serves to enhance the final result.

BASHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. has a dedicated, experienced and loyal crew who are courteous and professional. Our suppliers and subcontractors are reliable and always accessible to assist in meeting tight time lines.

BASHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. is striving to provide another thirty years of surpassing the exacting standards of the finest Home Building.

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